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Indigent Criminal Justice Practicum

The Indigent Criminal Justice Practicum provides students with the opportunity to represent indigent criminal defendants accused of misdemeanor offenses in the Centre County Court of Common Pleas under the supervision of an attorney from the Centre County Public Defender Office. Under the supervision of attorneys David Crowley and Richard Settgast, students work as a defense litigation attorney learning litigation, negotiation and advocacy skills. This is a hands-on experience where students will conduct interviews of their clients and work to best represent the client through all phases of the criminal justice process.  Students earn 5 credits per semester and must commit to participate in the practicum for two semesters (Fall and Spring).

Referrals are made through the Centre County Public Defender Office and are designed to provide criminal defendants who cannot afford private counsel with highly effective representation that is client-centered, professional, and ethical. Individuals interested in representation must contact the Centre County Public Defender Office.

Student Clinic Application