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International Sustainable Development Projects FAQ

This Clinic is not expected to be offered after this academic year.

Who is eligible to participate?

J.D. students,  MIA/J.D. students, and L.L.M. students are eligible to apply. J.D. and MIA/J.D. applicants must have completed at least two semesters of the J.D. program. L.L.M. applicants must have completed one semester of the L.L.M. program. Interested MIA students not enrolled in the joint MIA/J.D. are encouraged to contact Professor Jeff Erickson for permission to apply.

How many credits are available?

The Clinic will be four credits each semester that it is offered.

How often is this Clinic offered?

The Clinic is usually offered on a rotation with other courses taught by Professor Jeff Erickson, such as Worker’s Compensation. We plan to offer this Clinic for two or three of four semesters in a two-year period. 

Do I need to speak a foreign language?

Proficiency of some degree in a particular foreign language is not a requirement, but it may be an advantage.

Selection criteria

The ISDP Law Clinic seeks students with a compelling interest in humanitarian work, a record of academic success, and life experiences to bring to bear on interdisciplinary projects.