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Past Clinic Members

Fall 2021 and Spring 2022
Back row (left to right): Carter Westphal, Sean Duffy, Caroline Skaff
Middle row (left to right): Reed Hennessy, Jeremiah Parlock, Haley Loquercio
Front row (left to right): Sarah Rivaud and Audry Thompson
Missing for Fall 2021: Shane Kaliszewski, Cole Dorsey, Sharai Bryan, Molly Pohlhaus, Michael Houlihan and Christine Munz
Missing for Spring 2022: Michael Houlihan 

Fall 2021
Top Row (left to right): Cole Dorsey, Professor Vollmer, Christine Munz
Middle row (left to right): Haley Loquercio, Caroline Skaff, Shane Kaliszewski
Bottom row: Reed Hennessy
Missing from photo: Sharai Bryan, Molly Pohlhaus, Michael Houlihan, Sarah Rivaud

Spring 2021
Back row (left to right):
 Alexandra E Debonte, Nicolette Arapis, Carter Westphal
Front row (left to right): Zachary Mills, Scott Tierney
Bottom row: Morgan Harrington, Mathew Nichol, Shane Kaliszewski

Spring 2020
Back row (left to right):
Karyl Smith, Ryan Stanley, Won Eik Cho, Whitley Culver, Rebecca Heisner, and Lichen Duan
Front row (left to right): Alexandra DeBonte and Abhipsa Dash
Missing from photo: Tom DiSalvi and Dan Clarke, research assistants

Fall 2019
From left to right:
Todd Ciancarelli (part-time staff attorney), Tom DiSalvi, Chris Raqueno, Agneta Hendershot, and Kenzie Selleg

Spring 2019
From left to right:
Kylie Hanlon, Bhargavi Kannan, James Hutchison, Justice Kaufman, Tiffany Kernen (research assistant), and Rebecca Spinner

Fall 2018
From left to right:
Jordan Leonard, Bethany Ashworth (research assistant), Tiffany Kernen (research assistant), Ashley Dean and Katherine McNally (and missing from photo: Sean Pié, research assistant)

Spring 2018
From left to right:
Adrian Rogers, Thorsten Swider, Ekakshra Mahajan, Sean Pié (research assistant), Bethany Ashworth, Bob Gross (volunteer), Tiffany Kernen (research assistant), James Hutchison, and Matt Selmasska

Fall 2017
From left to right: Kevin Schrop, Elva Perales, Casey College, Tiffany Kernen (research assistant), Kyle Russell, Ashley Clasen, Ben McGiffin, Catherine Kellogg, and Dan Sawey, (and missing from photo: Joseph Oliva, Maria Garcia and Brian Finneran)

Fall 2016
From left to right:
Jeff Padgett, Prof. Jeff Erickson, Prof. Michele Vollmer, Ryan Dickinson, Misti Howey and Kevin Schrop

Spring 2016
From left to right:
Back row: Matt Huffines, Zachary Cruz (research assistant), Shannon Sidley (research assistant), and Alyssa Gerace (research assistant)
Front row: Brett Atanasio, Andrea Sherman and Taylor (TJ) Wolf

Fall 2015
From left to right: 
Scott Garner and Alyssa Gerace

Spring 2015
From left to right: 
Justin Bish and Rebecca Buckley-Stein