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Student Perspectives

"Working in the Veterans and Servicemembers Legal Clinic with Professor Vollmer was a very rewarding and insightful experience. I was given numerous opportunities to develop client interaction skills by observing multiple interviews, conducting a few of my own interviews, and emailing and calling clients throughout the semester. The best part of my clinic experience was working directly with clients and listening to the veterans talk about their military service and their life after service. I was able to build on my client interaction with medical and legal research, memo writing, record requests, and wrap up my semester with an argument that combined all of my work into one product. I would recommend the clinic to students who are looking for an experience that will help them develop skills applicable to practice, while also giving them the opportunity to give back to veterans who have sacrificed so much for us."

Katherine McNally, Class of 2019

“I absolutely loved being a part of the Veterans Clinic at Penn State. It was awesome to know that we were helping people who sacrificed so much to serve our country as members of the armed forces. Additionally,  a lot of the skills you learn in the clinic will translate into almost any practice. We learned how to work with an appellate record, which was very helpful considering the fact that I am now gearing up for my very first appeal. We also learned how to interact with clients, and how to work in a more collaborative setting.  Moreover, Professor Vollmer is an excellent mentor and role model for any law student who dreams of one day being a litigator.  She taught me so much in my time at Penn State, and it was a great privilege to work alongside her at the clinic. She is very passionate about everything she does, and the clinic was no different. I would encourage anyone with a passion for helping other to give the clinic a try.” 

Joseph Oliva, Class of 2018

"The Veterans Clinic was an amazing opportunity to develop legal skills, including legal research and writing, while advocating for those who served our country. It was rewarding to be part of a team that successfully worked for veterans’ rights and to know that our efforts made a difference in the lives of veterans."

Alyssa Gerace, Class of 2017

"The Veterans and Servicemembers Legal Clinic was one of the greatest experiences of my three years at Penn State Law. Professor Vollmer's knowledge and growth within the clinic assisted in my goal of becoming an attorney. I was able to witness firsthand the hard work and commitment it takes to support your clients wholeheartedly. Yes, I was able to get vast experience with research and writing, but the most influential part of the clinic was learning how to connect with clients on a personal level and being able to conduct meetings with clients. Those were invaluable experiences I will carry with me throughout my career and I am very appreciative of Professor Vollmer and her staff for allowing me to have this opportunity."

Adrian I. Rogers, Class of 2018

“Working with Professor Vollmer in the Veterans and Servicemembers Legal Clinic was a phenomenal learning experience. Being able to work that closely with a practitioner and a professor really helped me develop my legal skills and gave me a much better perspective of what the practice of law is actually like. Plus, being able to take what you learn in law school and apply that to a situation where a real person needs your help, and then actually being able to help that person, is incredibly rewarding.”

Brandon McCune, Class of 2018

“My experience with the Veterans Clinic, under the tutelage of Professor Vollmer, was productive, challenging, and rewarding. The clinic gave me the opportunity to draft part of an amicus brief, observe a U.S. Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals sitting in the Katz courtroom, discuss proposed law changes with the Office of Senator Bob Casey in Washington, D.C., to improve service-connected disability coverage, and personally meet Vietnam War veterans. I would highly recommend that other Penn State Law students take advantage of this hands-on work, as clinic members not only benefit from enriched legal understanding, but also serving those who have served us.”

James Paul Hutchison, Class of 2019
Spring 2018 – Veterans Clinic