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Spring 2020 Graduate Level Courses of Possible Interest to Law Students

Please see PSU Course Credits in the Student Academic Handbook for rules and information about applying graduate level credits toward your J.D. or LL.M. degree. Graduate credits may not be used to satisfy J.D. or LL.M. degree requirements.  Please note that some courses have pre-requisite course requirements.

School of International Affairs

Deception and Counter–Deception - Graham (INTAF 897)

Economic Challenges in Africa  - Sarr (INTAF 597)

Global Health Security - Wolfe (INTAF 597)

Globalization and the Multinational Enterprise - Backer (INTAF 597)

Human Rights Culture and Activism - McClennen (INTAF 597)

Institutional Change and Development - Sarr (INTAF 597)

Science, Technology, and International Policy - Peng (INTAF 502)

Weapons of Mass Destruction and International Security - DeThomas (INTAF 817)