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Student Bar Association

Mission Statement:
The Penn State Law Student Bar Association (SBA) is a student governing body to which all Penn State Law students belong. Legislative power is vested in the duly elected SBA Board, which consists of the following:

The Executive Council, consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, SBA Ambassador, Director of Student Organizations, and an LL.M. senator; the House of Delegates, consisting of four Class Representatives and two Justices from each class.

The SBA coordinates student activities, sponsors many academic, social, athletic, and community events, allocates funds to student organizations, oversees student committees, and serves as the liaison to the faculty, administration, and alumni for all students. SBA meetings are held during the school year and are open to all Penn State Law students. Come join us for a meeting!

Elections for SBA Executive Council and 2L and 3L representatives are held in April. Elections for 1L representatives and LL.M. students are held in September.

Contact the SBA
The SBA meets bi-weekly on Thursdays at 12:45pm in room 116, please join us!

Would you like to share an anonymous concern or idea for change? Click here!

Are you interested in joining a committee? If so, please contact the chair of the committee. To learn more about committees click here.

2023-2024 Executive Council:
President: Rachel Jenkin
Vice President: Logan Vonda
Treasurer: Elizabeth Sweeten
Secretary: Olivia Painchaud
SBA Ambassador: Gurtej Grewal
Director of Student Organizations: Sam Allcorn 
LL.M. Senator: Zhanel Begaliyeva

2023-2024 House of Delegates:
Class of 2024 Justices: Kailey Elrod, Lawrence Miller
Class of 2024 Representatives: Hannah Chapple, Dani MacMurrough, Avery McLean, Laura Wooten

Class of 2025 Justices: Kristin Hommel, Joshua Narey
Class of 2025 Representatives: Christopher Morton, Drake Broussard, Brandon Parks, Jackson England

Class of 2026 Justices: Thomas Maguire, Cassie Sampogna
Class of 2026 Representatives: Corey Gardner, Joshua Gentry, Sarah Kelly, Charity Williams

LL.M Honor Code Representatives: Angela Sanchez Gago, Hussain Shah Shenshah
LL.M Representatives: Swaraj Lakshmi Krishnakumar, Muhammad Kodirov, Shahin Mirzaei, Ashish Yadav

PSL Student Bar Association Outline Bank:
Outlines for prior classes sourced by the Student Body at large: SBA Outline Bank.

To get access to the outline bank, please sign into the website with your Penn State email and request access. If you have outlines to submit, you can submit them here.

Exam Bank
Previous exams from PSL Professors: Penn State Law Exam Bank

For access to the exam bank, please sign in with your Penn State email and request access.