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Student Bar Association

Mission Statement

The Penn State Law Student Bar Association (SBA) is a student governing body to which all Penn State Law students belong. Legislative power is vested in the duly elected SBA Board, which consists of the following:

  • the Executive Council, consisting of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, American Bar Association/Law Student Division representative, the Penn State Senator, and an LL.M. senator;

  • the House of Delegates, consisting of four class representatives and two honor code representatives from each class

The SBA coordinates student activities, sponsors many academic, social, athletic, and community events, allocates funds to the student organizations, and serves as the liaison to the faculty, administration, and alumni for all students. SBA meetings are held during the school year and are open to all Penn State Law students. Elections for SBA officers and upper-class representatives are held in April. Elections for junior representatives and LL.M. students are held in September.

2019-2020 Executive Council

President: Chris Parker
Vice President: Kathryn Dutton
Treasurer: Logan Nagle
Secretary: Kelsi Robinson
PSU Senator: Davis Blount
ABA Representative: Alexandra DeBonte
LL.M. Senator: Ricardo Gonzalez

2019-2020 House of Delegates

Class of 2020 Honor Code Representatives: Hannah Bennett, Rebecca Spinner
Class of 2020 Representatives: Zachary Woolweaver, Samuel Blakley, David Huehnergarth, Addison Murray

Class of 2021 Honor Code Representatives: Alexis Thackurdin, Rebecca Heisner
Class of 2021 Representatives: Jacob Hensh, Mitchell Latinkic, Jason Sullivan-Halpern, Christopher Raqueno

Class of 2022 Honor Code Representatives: Brea Jones, Cori Smith
Class of 2022 Representatives: Dan Dicce, Ashleigh Herrin, John Nucci, Reed Hennessy

LL.M. Representatives: Alberto Andres Hernandez Franks, Yanan Cai, Diane Kaye, Chandni Padikkal
LL.M. Honor Code Representatives: Yuri Gonzalez, Gabriel Elkaslassy