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Teaching at Penn State Law

Getting Started

Welcome to Penn State Law. We hope the following information is useful to you as you prepare to teach. If you have any questions after reading this information, please consult an Associate Dean.

Penn State ID Number and Access Account

You will need a Penn State ID number (a 9-digit number used to identify you in various PSU systems in lieu of your Social Security Number) and Access Account for a variety of purposes, including accessing the PSU intranet and the course management system called ANGEL. Jennifer Solbakken in Human Resources will create a PSU ID number for you and provide you with the application necessary to create your Access Account (which will also serve as your email address). Ms. Solbakken’s e-mail is and her telephone is (814) 865-5040. Linda Evans in Information Technology will process your Access Account application and will train you how to use ANGEL. Her e-mail is and telephone number is (717) 240-5223.

Academic Affairs

Most information that you will want to know about the academic affairs of the Law School is available on our website. Information on the website includes the academic calendar, exam schedule, grading policy, and our policy for courses held in both locations. Please contact an Associate Dean or our Registrar’s Office with academic questions you may have.

Preparing Your Course

Final Assessments: Exam vs. Paper

You must decide on the method you will use to evaluate students in your course before the course opens for student registration. You can have students take a final exam during the scheduled exam period, or you can have students submit one or more written projects, interim quizzes, or other assignments. Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Cheri Gallagher, will request this information from you as she prepares the semester course schedule. We need to know your method of evaluation to provide students with this information in the registration materials and to plan the exam schedule before registration opens. If you choose to evaluate students on the basis of a final paper, you should plan to require students to produce 10 pages per credit (exclusive of endnotes). If you choose a final examination, you should plan for a two and a half or three hour exam period for a three credit course.

Anonymous Grading

Most final exams are graded anonymously, however, you may take class participation into account in assigning the final grade for the course. Our law school Registrar, Shari Welch, will communicate the process for grading, including adding participation points. You should feel free to contact Shari at any time regarding the grading process. Papers are typically not graded anonymously.

Letter Grade vs. Pass/Fail

You may permit your students to elect to receive a pass/fail grade in your course. If you permit students to take your course on a pass/fail basis, you will not know which students have made this election. You would submit letter grades for all students to the law school Registrar at the end of the semester. For students who have elected to take your course pass/fail, the Registrar will record a grade of “pass” or “fail.” Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Cheri Gallagher, will request this information from you as she prepares the semester course schedule.

Choose Your Course Materials

Law publishers will provide complimentary copies of casebooks and other commercially available course materials for your review.

If you would like to compile a course packet for sale in the University bookstore please compile the material for inclusion in the course packet and forward it as a pdf document to Peggy Goff. Her e-mail address is and her phone number is (814) 865-0735. Peggy will obtain the copyright clearance for the material, compile it in a book, send you a copy and send the remaining copies to the bookstore for students to order.

When you decide on materials for the course, notify the University bookstore at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the semester to allow enough time for the processing of your book order. You can reach the bookstore at, via e-mail at, or by phone at (814) 863-3277.

Training or Questions on Use of Classroom Technology

For training or questions related to the use of classroom technology other than ANGEL, please contact Sara Krome at or (814) 865-8973. After you have obtained, and activated, your PSU Access Account please review the law school policy regarding Restricted Content Iconclass recordings. At the start of each semester, you will receive by e-mail a request to designate the manner in which students enrolled in your class may access class recordings. Contact Sara with questions related to the recording of class sessions. To request to view a recording of your class, please e-mail your request to


To reserve materials in the library or access research databases, contact a member of the library staff.

Office Hours and Administrative Support

You may reserve an itinerant office in either location prior to visiting that location for the day by visiting our Restricted Content Iconroom schedule. Space is limited, so try to reserve the room early. If you need administrative support while you are in the Law School building, contact one of our faculty assistants.

Faculty Class Absence Procedure

If you unexpectedly need to cancel a class, as soon as possible, notify faculty support staff and all students in the class. On the day of the cancelled class, faculty support staff will post notice of the cancelation in the classroom(s).

Contact Directory

To locate anyone in any department at the Law School, visit our Department Directory.


If you wish to park in the Law School parking lot at either campus, you will need a University issued parking permit. Parking permits may be purchased by contacting one of our Business Services Directors. If you purchase a parking permit in either location, you will be able to park at the Law School parking lot in the remote location on days when you teach in the remote location.