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Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)

Mission Statement:
We, the Members of Penn State Law Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA), in order that we shall not lose sight of our common ideals and goals and in order to recognize the ways in which these ideals and goals shall be reached, do set forth the following articles as the primary and supreme functions for Penn State Law Asian Pacific American Law Students Association.

2023-2024 Officers:
President: Caroline Webb
Vice President: Ethan Durand
Treasurer: Nayoung Park
Secretary: Molly Solan
Outreach Coordinator: TBA
Historian: TBA

Purpose of Organization:
The purpose of APALSA is to foster the academic, social, and professional growth of its members by sponsoring legal scholarship activities, social events and community service. 

The organization is dedicated to advocating Asian American leadership in all areas of law by encouraging the sharing, networking, and cooperation between all ethnic groups, especially Asian and Pacific Islander American students. 

This organization shall adhere to the philosophy that diversity will always enlarge our understanding of the different values that need to be understood as we enter the global economy; that unity should be embraced so that we may assist the less fortunate members of our Asian community; and that leadership will take on many forms, and ultimately is a very individualistic decision based on no arbitrary set definition. 

This organization will continually promote professional and ethical conduct of our members and will at all times strengthen our own personal values despite what we may see or encounter.

This organization will further the goals as set forth in the Constitution and the goals of the members.

Major Events:

  • Mid-Autumn Festival - Mid-Autum Festival is celebrated to give thanks to the fall harvest. We will celebrate by folding origami lanterns, which symbolizes family reunion. Asian food or snacks will be provided as well as a brief history and origin of the festival.
  • Lunar New Year Dinner - Lunar New Year is our biggest celebration. We will have Asian food or snacks available, red envelopes, and provide information about the celebration and Asian Zodiac.
  • Penn APALSA Conference (Philadelphia, PA) — Conference held at the University of Pennsylvania with a panel of lawyers speaking on issues of diversity.
  • Asian Heritage Month