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Sports and Entertainment Law Society

Mission Statement:
With the ever-expanding legal opportunities arising in sports and entertainment-related fields, the Sports and Entertainment Law Society will attempt to inform interested students of noteworthy advancements and litigation on hot button-issues across the spectrum of sports and entertainment. The organization will also serve as a forum for students to debate and discuss these legal issues as they arise in the current, changing arena of sports.

From free agency to players' unions, we plan on covering as many relevant topics as possible. The Sports and Entertainment Law Society hopes to provide valuable networking in a specialized and narrow field. As an organization, the Sports and Entertainment Law Society expects to attract speakers of distinction in the field to share their experience and knowledge in an attempt to make an exclusive legal society more accessible to Penn State law students.

Sports and Entertainment Law Blog
The Penn State Sports and Entertainment Law Blog is a student-run interdisciplinary blog operated by the Sports and Entertainment Law Society at Penn State Law. The blog includes scholarly articles and student commentary focusing on current issues and developments in both sports and entertainment law, including scholarly discourses and opinion pieces, as well as guest submissions by lawyers and professionals in their respective industries. The blog promotes academic and public discourse in sports and entertainment law covering a wide range of topics.

2023-2024 Officers:
President: Khalid Smith
Vice President: Abby Roos
Treasurer: Jonathan Gray
Secretary: TBA
Events Coordinator: Gurtej Grewal