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Environmental Law Review Volume 5, Number 1, Winter 1996


Better Late Than Never: Holding Liability Insurers to Their Bargain Regarding Coverage for Unforeseen, Gradual Pollution Under Pennsylvania Law — Thomas M. Reiter and John K. Baillie

The Regulatory Takings Bill: A Cure With Unintended Side Effects — Leslie M. MacRae

The New Greenfields Legislation: A Practitioner's Guide to Recycling Old Industrial Sites — Steven F. Fairlie


A Point Source of Pollution Under the Clean Water Act: A Human Being Should Be Included — Stephanie L. Hersperger

Compensation Legislation: Private Property Rights v. Public Benefits — William L. Inden

California as a Model for Federal Regulation of Automobile Emissions Pollution: Replacing Title II of the Clean Air Act of 1990 — Anya C. Musto


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