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Environmental Law Review Volume 12, Number 2, Summer 2004


An Analysis of the 2001 National Energy Policy: Is a Domestic Production-based Oil Policy Appropriate for the United States?Jon Schutz

The Role of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation in Fighting to Protect and Clean-up the Boundary Waters of the United States: A Case Study of The Upper Columbia River and Lake Roosevelt Environment — Richard A. Du Bey and Jennifer Sanscrainte


Military Aviation Noise and its Effects on Domesticated and Wild Animals — Nathalie M. Armas

A WHALE OF A TALE: The Sea of Controversy Surrounding The Marine Mammal Protection Act and the U.S. Navy's Proposed Use of the SURTASS-LFA Sonar System — Colleen C. Karpinsky

Vieques' Struggle for Freedom: Environmental Litigation, Civil Disobedience, and Political Marketing Proves Successful — Kathleen Margareta Ryder




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