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Environmental Law Review Volume 14, Number 3, Spring 2006


Clarifying NPDES Requirements for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations — Terence J. Cetner

When Does a Regulation "Go Too Far?"-The Supreme Court's Analytical Framework for Drawing the Line between an Exercise of the Police Power and an Exercise of the Power of Eminent Domain — John C. Keene

Climate Change Policies an Ocean Apart: EU & US Climate Change Policies Compared Cinnamon Carlarne

The Case for Regulating Ultrafine Particles Under the Clean Air Act Robert A. Reiley

Pumping Pollution: An In-Depth Analysis of Miccosukee and Notes on S.D. Warren Co. v Maine Bd. Of Dept. Envtl. Protection , with comments on Improving the State and Federal Regulation of Activities that Cause Water Quality Degradation Jessica A. Barkas

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks as Abnormally Dangerous Activities Douglas A. Henderson and Mack McGuffey

Parched Ground: After the War, can Sudan Sustainably Develop and Preserve Its Groundwater Resources? Itzchak E. Kornfeld, Esquire


Green Marketing: The Urgent Need for Federal Regulation Lauren C. Avallone

The Butler Mine Tunnel: A Case Study on the Superfund's Shortcomings Patrick J. Doyle

Science at Any Cost: The Ineffectiveness and Underenforcement of the Animal Welfare Act Melanie L. Vanderau


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