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Environmental Law Review Volume 9, Number 3, Spring 2001


Analysis of Agency Authority for Enforcement of Snow Machine Closure Within the "Old Mt. McKinley Park Wilderness Area" of Denali National Park and Preserve — Harry R. Bader and Chip Dennerlein

Smart Growth and Limits on Government Powers: Effecting Nature, Markets and the Quality of Life Under the Takings and Other Provisions — James E. Holloway and Donald C. Guy

Ecotourism: A Hyperbolic Sustainable Development Technique — LeGene Quesenberry


The Use of the South Florida Multi-Species Recovery Plan to Restore Threatened and Endangered Species — Stacy A. Barker

Lead-Based Paint: The Crisis Still Facing Our Nation's Poor and Minority Children — Kara Kurtzman Daghlian

Calling Sierra Club For Help?: Attorney Fees Under the Equal Access to Justice Act and Its Effects on Litigation Involving Large Environmental Groups — Alice Miller


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