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Environmental Law Review Volume 6, Number 2, Spring 1997


Global Warming — The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Future of Small Island States — William C. Burns


California or Bust!: Federal Preemption of State Authority to Regulate Nonroad Engines and Vehicles Under the 1980 Amendments to the Clean Air Act — Engine Manufacturers Association v. EPA — C. Stewart Gill

Katie John and Totemoff: The United States and Alaska Clash Over the Reserved Water Rights Doctrine and Native Alaska Hunting and Fishing Rights — The U.S. Supreme Court Passes on an Opportunity to Resolve the Subsistence Debate — Andrew Josephson

Successor Liability Strictly Applied: Ramifications of Recent Environmental Cleanup Opinion Could Prove Catastrophic to Commerce Unless Overturned by Third Circuit Court of Appeals — Merrick J. Benn

Reconsidering Animal Rights: Should Selling Live Animals for Food Consumption Be Banned? — Ming-Han Liu

The Sonoran Pronghorn: The Air Force's Strongest Adversary — Chris Wood