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Environmental Law Review Volume 11, Number 1, Winter 2002


Local Airport Regulation: The Constitutional Tension Between Police Power, Preemption & Takings — Paul Stephen Dempsey

The Utility and Validity of TDRs Under the Takings Clause and the Role of TDRs In the Takings Equation Under Legal Theory, James E. HollowayDonald C. Guy


Preserving the Taj Mahal: India 's Struggle to Salvage Cultural Icons in the Wake of Industrialization — Emily R. Atwood

Development on the Banks of the Letort Spring Run: What Can Be Done to Save Pennsylvania 's Waterways From Post Construction Stormwater Runoff? — Douglas A. Miltenberger

Success Runs Wild: Pennsylvania Game Commission and Balancing Between Management and Survival of an Overpopulated Deer Herd that Poses a Potential Threat — Christopher E. Rice


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