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Environmental Law Review Volume 15, Number 2, Winter 2007


Energy and Environmental Tax Changes in the Flood of Recent Federal Revenue Laws and What They Imply Richard A. Westin

Caught in a Cement Spider Web: Proposed Suburban Transportation Policies to Architecting Less Automobile Reliant Communities Mandy B. Seuffert

Environmental Advocacy Makes Strange Bedfellows: A Plea for Lawyers, Scientists, and Theologians to Caucus & Promote Environmental Sustainability Renee A. Pistone


Fishing for a Solution: How to Prevent the Introduction of Invasive Species Such as the Snakehead Fish Jessica L. Kusek

Multi-State Environmental Agreements: Constitutional Violations or Legitimate State Coordination? Katie Maxwell

The Lucas Dissenters Saw Katrina Coming: Why Environmental Regulation of Coastal Development Should Not Be Categorized as a “Taking” Regina McMahon


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