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Environmental Law Review Volume 5, Number 2, Summer 1996


Thinking Globally and Acting Locally: The Emergence of Global Environmental Problems and the Critical Need to Develop Sustainable Development Programs at the State and Local Levels in the United States — Donald A. Brown

Adopting an Environmental Justice Ethic — Olga L. Moya

Individually Transferable Quotas and The Magnuson Act: Creating Economic Efficiency in Our Nation's Fisheries — Ransom E. Davis


Revised Statutes 2477 Rights-of-Way Settlement Act: Exorcism or Exercise for the Ghost of Land Use Past? — Michael J. Wolter

Utilities: De Facto Repositories for High-Level Radioactive Waste? — Denise Renee Foster

The Criminal Provisions of the Clean Water Act As Interpreted by the Judiciary and the Resulting Response from the Legislature — Patrick W. Ward

The 1995 Salvage Timber Sales Rider: A Recipe for Environmental Devastation — Curt Wilson