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  • Agricultural Law Research Center

Center for Agricultural and Shale Law

The Center's new website can be found at

Under the direction of Professor Ross Pifer, the Center for Agricultural and Shale Law conducts agricultural and shale law research and outreach activities with a specific focus on those issues of importance in Pennsylvania.  Through its programs, the Center serves a wide variety of stakeholders including agricultural producers, landowners and royalty owners, business professionals, judges, attorneys, legislators, government officials, NGOs, community groups, and the general public.  Center programs are funded in part by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and supported by a multi-year grant from the United States Department of Agriculture.  

The Center does not provide legal advice, nor is its work intended to be a substitute for such advice and counsel. As such, the materials and information provided by the Center do not constitute legal advice and are for informational purposes only.  While efforts are made to maintain and update the resources provided by the Center, no warranty or other guarantee is made regarding the timeliness or accuracy of any materials or information provided.