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Client Testimonials

“When I explained to my father that you all had volunteered your time to help him, he was elated. He told me that it was the first time in his life that someone other than his family appreciated his service and went out of their way to assist him. Regardless of the outcome of his VA claim, what you gave to him can never fully be expressed. You helped to restore pride for his military service and showed him that there are a lot of amazing people who care for the countless men like my father. My family and I are indebted to you all for helping bring back that pride in his last few months of his life. It’s funny to think that both my sister and I went to Penn State and we went there to get a world class education, but now I truly believe that my sister and I went there to meet the three of you so you could help a common man regain his pride in his time in the military service. The VA Law program that has been created at Penn State is nothing short of amazing.”

             -- Client Brian Kolbe

“Michele Vollmer, clinic director, Leah Davis, clinic volunteer, and all staff and students, during the past 30 months were supportive, encouraging and professional. They were invaluable to me during my husband’s treatment, transplants, and death. Ms. Vollmer’s knowledge of veterans law and her tireless dedication never ceased to amaze me. My husband and I met with Ms. Vollmer, Ms. Davis, Brian Querry, Centre County Veteran Affairs Director, and several students. We were impressed with the interest and concern the students expressed regarding our life . . . the decision of 100% disability is solely the result of Ms. Vollmer, and her team, and their dedication and selflessness. I will be forever grateful to them.”

             -- Client Alacyn Pegher (full message)

"I am so grateful to Michele Vollmer and the students of the PSU law school clinic for helping me to resolve my father’s issues and provide him with the honor and dignity he deserves as a WWII Veteran. ... I personally owe them a heartfelt debt of gratitude and we as a community are lucky to have such dedicated and caring individuals willing to give of their free time to help our honored veterans."

             -- Client Kathy Marusa (full message)

"The efforts of both Michele [Vollmer] and Michael [Foreman] and their students have extended well beyond anything we imagined. The legal and medical background and the somewhat peculiar machinations of the VA system were researched thoroughly and understood. We attended multiple meetings in which our voices were heard, our opinions sought, and our input respected and valued."

             -- Client Robert Slaney in letters to President Barron and Dean Houck