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Applied Legal Analysis and Writing II

Course Abbreviation: 
Credit Only: N Anon Gr: N

Applied Legal Analysis and Writing II continues to build on the skills learned in Applied Legal Analysis and Writing I, but now students will be learning to be an advocate for a fictional client. Students continue to analyze clients’ problems using various sources of legal authority and to further refine their writing style. However, Applied Legal Analysis and Writing II focuses on persuasive writing, so students will learn to draft client letters as a transitional exercise into persuasive writing.  Further, students will draft trial court briefs or memoranda of law that, in practice, would be filed with a court. Students also will learn other communication skills, including presenting an oral argument to a court. Applied Legal Analysis and Writing II continues to implement the problem-solving approach to teach persuasive writing, and students continue to receive significant individualized feedback.

Nicole Chong,
Jeffrey Erickson,
Mandee B. Baumer,
Michael C. Kovac