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  • Penn State Law offers dozens of joint degree programs and elective opportunities. The most popular is the J.D./M.B.A. offered with Penn State’s Smeal College of Business.

Academic Affairs Office

The Academic Affairs Office coordinates academic planning, scheduling, student academic support, and the development and maintenance of academic policies.

Academic Affairs Office

The Pennsylvania State University
Penn State Law
Lewis Katz Building
University Park, PA 16802

Jill Engle, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Send questions via E-mail:
Make an appointment by contacting LaSha Hardy 

Associate Dean Engle's Weekly Office Hours: Thursdays 3-5pm at, or by appointment  

Rachel Arnold, Registrar.  Schedule an appointment:

E-mail: or
Phone: (814) 863-9938

Student Academic Advising

Every law student has their own academic advisor who is a member of the faculty.
Please contact your academic advisor for course selection advice, or contact us for additional information.
Your academic advisor’s name is on your LionPATH account, and all faculty emails are listed here

Professor Keith Elkin ( , as Associate Dean for Academic Success, has a lot of insight about Bar Exam success and related issues. He can be very helpful if you are struggling academically, or want to discuss resources to maximize your academic success.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Jill Engle ( can serve as a resource for any other academic concerns such as which courses will be offered, degree requirements and credit limits, joint degrees, and concentrations. Associate Dean for Clinics and Experiential Learning Michele Vollmer ( is available to discuss our law school clinics and other experiential opportunities, which give you real world experience in the practice of law while also earning credits towards graduation.

In general, you should take a balance of courses to prepare you to pass the Bar exam, and courses in your areas of interest. Here are some other guidelines:

If you earn a B- or lower in certain 1L courses, the upper level courses you should take to boost your knowledge are:

Contracts: Sales, Remedies

Torts: Advanced Torts, Insurance Law, Remedies

Criminal Law: Federal Crimes, Federal Crimes Seminar, Cyber Crime, White Collar Crime

Criminal Procedure: Advanced Criminal Procedure

Civil Procedure: Federal Courts, Federal Court Practice, Class Actions Seminar

Constitutional Law: Equal Protection and Civil Rights, First Amendment, Constitutional Interpretation Seminar

Property: Wills, Trusts, and Estates, Land Use Regulation

1L Legal Research Tools and Strategies: Strategic Legal Research

1L ALAW: Writing and Editing for Lawyers

Finally, remember our graduation requirements of Professional Responsibility, an upper level writing seminar course, and 6 credits of experiential learning courses, which many students satisfy with one of our clinics and externships. Many of those have prerequisites, and you should check those as you plan your courses.

What else can the Academic Affairs Office help students with?
The Academic Affairs Office coordinates academic planning, scheduling, and the development and
maintenance of academic policies.
• The Registrar maintains student records, manages course registration, oversees student
notification of grades, monitors graduation eligibility, and assists with bar registration
• We also promote academic integrity by:

* Cultivating an equitable, positive, and safe learning environment for all

* Implementing the Honor Code and our academic rules and policies
*We are fully available to assist you!

Academic Probation

Our academic probation guidelines can be found here