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William A. Calo

William A. Calo

Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences and Affiliate Law Faculty

Curriculum Vitae

(717) 531-3535

Ph.D., University of Texas, Houston
J.D., University of Puerto Rico Law School
M.P.H., University of Puerto Rico
B.S., University of Puerto Rico

William Calo, PhD, JD, is an Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences at the Penn State College of Medicine, and Implementation Research Director of Penn State Project ECHO. His research program examines how to adapt, implement and evaluate evidence-based interventions to improve chronic disease prevention among diverse and disadvantaged populations. Dr. Calo is currently focused on the impact of interpersonal, systems and policy strategies on HPV vaccine uptake in rural communities and among vaccine-hesitant parents. More specifically, at the policy level, his work has contributed to a better understanding of the impact of school-entry requirements and state laws granting pharmacists authority to administer adolescent vaccines on HPV vaccination.

Dr. William Calo has taught health services research and health policy courses in the Department of Public Health Sciences. He developed a new graduate course, PHS 534 Public Health Law Research and Practice, to give law and public health students a foundation on how to empirically evaluate laws and policies to advance population health with a focus on cancer prevention and control.

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