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Exams, Grading System and Transcripts


Fall examinations are usually held in January and early February. However, for the fall term there is a special exam session for the students who need or wish to return to their home institutions by early January, all the exams will be scheduled before Christmas. Penn State Law students should arrange their exams will in advance if taking them early (in December).

Spring examinations will be held in June and July (no special sessions for exams are allowed in this Term). Exams may be either oral or written. Exam schedule is available online.

Exchange students will be required to sit for examinations and be assessed and graded in the same manner as students in the host institution, and will acquire credits in accordance with the regulations of the host institution. Details are listed here.


Grades are given on a scale of 30/30:


30-30 Cum Laude Excellent
29-28 Very good
27-24 Good
23-21 Satisfactory
20-18 Sufficient
Lower than 18 Fail



Transcripts list all courses, the grades achieved on the final exams and the number of credits for each course.

Bocconi will make a transcript available electronically to an exchange student, but hard copy versions will be made available upon request. Please see here for further information and contact information for questions about transcripts.