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LL.M. applicants from around the world attend Penn State Law’s first virtual open house

LL.M. applicants from around the world attend Penn State Law’s first virtual open house

Four current LL.M. students and LL.M. program director, Professor Karen Bysiewicz, welcomed prospective students from a half dozen countries to a first-ever “virtual” open house on April 14. “For students to make a commitment to a school, sight unseen, is a lot to ask,” said Bysiewicz. “Our goal was a real-time discussion where the students could see and hear from us, so that it would make the students’ decision easier.” 
“I have viewed the virtual open house, and I think it’s a very good opportunity for international students like me to actually know what the university is about and the life there by the current students themselves,” wrote an admitted student from India.
Bysiewicz cited the school’s cutting-edge technology as providing the connection capability to implement the event. Prospective students from Japan, China, Italy, Korea, Turkey, and Georgia e-mailed questions and had them answered in real time. “Two years ago, this event would not have been possible. Although we have just started to scratch the surface, we are beginning to realize the doors that are being opened for students through the use of our advanced technology.”  
In addition to details about the program, student Chenyang Xie  gave his top ten reasons for coming to Penn State Law. “Penn State is one of the top twenty universities in the country. I asked ten people in the U.S. if they ever heard of Penn State, and they all said they did and that it was a great school.” He added that State College also has the best ice cream in the world.
Laura Miguel from Puerto Rico emphasized the mentoring program with third-year J.D. students and the language support. “I now have fast thinking skills and have become successful speaking and writing proficiently. I am very proud of that."
Danning He stressed the small class size which enables students to better interact with professors and others in the class. “Plus, this town is a like a movie set. Main Street is just outside the school gate. There are 40,000 other young people like me here. That’s great.”

Svetlana Capsa joined Penn State Law because she wanted, “a shortcut to the bar exam.” But she said she has gained much more.  “I improved my professional English, grew as a person, became more organized and independent and have made a lot of J.D. friends. It’s one of the best decisions I could make.” She added that she especially appreciated the new law school building and safe community.
All of the students emphasized the rigor of the program. They cited the challenging assignments and small class sizes. 

View a web cast of the virtual open house

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