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Pardon Project of Centre County to hold press conference to announce launch

The Pardon Project of Centre County (PPCC) invites media representatives of your company to a press conference on Friday, April 22 at 2pm.  The event is part of Second Chances Month in Pennsylvania and will announce that the PPCC is open and ready to help.

The conference will be held at the Welch Plaza, State College Borough Building (243 S. Allen St.). The Press Conference will feature remarks by Board of Pardons Secretary Celeste Trusty, PA Representative Scott Conklin, organizers of the PPCC (Sharon Barney, Gopal Balachandran, and our Pardon Fellow, Krista Henry), and other local leaders.

The PPCC is one of many county-wide pardon projects affiliated with the Pennsylvania Association of Pardon Projects:

The PPCC is a coalition of Centre County residents, neighbors, lawyers, law school clinicians, county officials, and community agencies. The PPCC’s goal is to train volunteers to assist applicants with their pardon applications to achieve a second chance after completing their criminal sentences. Pardons provide an economic boon to their communities, as well as something invaluable to its applicants – hope.

More information:

Krista Henry, Pardon Fellow,

Gopal Balachandran,

Sharon Barney,

Reference:  Pardons as an Economic Investment Strategy (Economy League, May 2020)

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