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Professor Maluwa elected associate member of the prestigious Institut de Droit International

SWITZERLAND - Professor Tiyanjana Maluwa, H. Laddie Montague Chair in Law and Professor of Law and International Affairs, has been elected as membre associé  (associate member) of the prestigious Institut de Droit International (Institute of International Law). The election took place on the opening day of the Institute’s 2021 session on August 23, 2021. Election to membership of the Institute is in recognition of one’s contribution to the field of international law.

The Institute of International Law was founded on September 8, 1873, at the Ghent Town Hall in Belgium. Eleven international lawyers of renown decided to join together to create “an institution independent of any government which would be able both to contribute to the development of international law and act so that it might be implemented.” The Institute was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1904 in recognition of its work in favor of arbitration among States, as a peaceful means of settling disputes. More information on the Institute can be found on its website.

Earlier this year, Professor Maluwa completed his tenure as a member of the Executive Council of the American Society of International Law.

This release was provided by the Institut de Droit International.

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