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  • Civil Rights Appellate Clinic

Related Courses

  • Evidence — This course presents evidence in trials under the Federal Rules of Evidence, at common law and in equity and with reference to administrative bodies. The reasoning from which rules arise in areas including relevancy, competency, privilege, examination of witnesses, writing, the hearsay rule and its exceptions, burden of proof, presumptions, judicial notice, and constitutional evidence problems is also addressed.
  • Constitutional Law I & Constitutional Law II — These courses examine the roles of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches in determining limits of national and state powers and protection of the individual and civil rights provided in the United States Constitution.
  • Employment Discrimination  — This course will provide an overview of significant doctrinal issues in employment discrimination law, and will seek to develop students' skills through a rigorous examination of statutory law, regulations and court decisions.
  • Federal Court Practice — This course introduces contemporary issues in several topical areas of particular interest to litigating in federal courts.
  • Federal Courts —This course involves elements of constitutional law and civil procedure, addressing the relationship of federal courts to administrative agencies and state courts.  The heart of the course consists of advanced topics including the power of federal courts to create common law, limitations (and complications) in suits against the federal and state governments and their officials, problems arising when administrative agencies or state courts are addressing matters related to the subject of a pending case in federal court, and limitations on federal appellate jurisdiction.