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Professor Stephen Ross' Legal Research

( a complete list available on Prof. Ross' CV, here)

A Rapid Reaction to O'Bannon: The Need for Analytics in Applying the Sherman Act to Overly Restrictive Joint Venture Schemes, 119 Penn St. L. Rev. Penn Statim 43 (2015) (with Wayne S. DeSarbo)

A Regulatory Solution to Better Promote the Educational Values and Economic Sustainability of Intercollegiate Athletics, 92 U. Ore. L. Rev. 837 (2014) (with Matthew J. Mitten)

Radical Reform of Intercollegiate Athletics: Antitrust, Title IX, and Public Policy Implications, 86 Tulane L. Rev. 933 (2012) (symposium)

Using Contract Law to Tackle the Coaching Carousel, 47 U.S.F.L. Rev. 709 (2013) (with Lindsay Berkstresser)

The NHL Labour Dispute and the Common Law, the Competition Act, and Public Policy, 37 U.B.C. L. Rev. 343 (2004)

Some Outside Observations on Overly Restrictive Agreements and the Souths Rugby Case, 12 Austl. Consumer & Comp. L. J. 83 (2004)

Open Competition in League Sports, 2002 Wis. L. Rev. 625 (with Stefan Szymanski)

Necessary Restraints and Inefficient Monopoly Sports Leagues1 Int'l Sports L. Rev. 27 (2000) (with Stefan Szymanski)

Anti-competitive aspects of sports, 7 Austl. Competition & Consumer L. J. 125 (1999)

Why Highly Paid Athletes Deserve More Antitrust Protection than Unionized Factory Workers, 33 Antitrust Bull. 641 (1997) (with Robert B. Lucke) (symposium on sports/antitrust)

The Misunderstood Alliance Between Sports Fans, Players, and the Antitrust Laws, 1997 U. Ill. L. Rev. 601.

An Antitrust Analysis of Sports League Contracts with Cable Networks, 39 Emory L. J. 463 (1990)

Monopoly Sports League, 73 Minnesota L. Rev. 643 (1989)