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The JD for LL.M. candidates application is now open. Applications must be completed by July 1. Please review the information on these pages for information about the application process. 

All applicants to this program must contact Registrar Rachel Arnold no later than June 1 to notify her of their intent to apply for this program. 

Application Deadlines

LL.M. students who will have completed the requirements for an LL.M. degree after two semesters of LL.M. study may apply immediately following the posting of grades to their transcripts in June and no later than June 30. If admitted to the J.D. program, students must begin the J.D. program in the fall semester immediately after their completion of the LL.M. program. LL.M. students planning to apply for the J.D. program must notify the Penn State Law Registrar no later than the last day of classes of the Spring semester that they intend to apply for the J.D. for LL.M. graduates program. Students who do not notify the Penn State Law Registrar by this deadline will have their LL.M. degree conferred and will not be eligible for the Penn State Law J.D. for LL.M. Candidates program.  A. student that receives their LL.M. degree must apply for the J.D. program through the normal J.D. application process.

The application will open in late April or early May and will remain open until June 30. Although an application will not be complete until final grades from Penn State Law are included, students may begin their application and its components once the application is open.  Prior to the opening of the application, students are encouraged to begin work on their personal statement, resume, and any other addenda or statements they would like to attach.  

Applicants should expect to receive a decision within 2-3 weeks after submission of a completed application. International applicants who plan to leave the U.S. after classes end in May must allow sufficient time to obtain a visa and travel to the U.S. at least one week before the first day of fall semester J.D. classes.

Application Process

Applicants must apply via the LSAC online J.D. application. Applicants without an LSAC account must create one before beginning their application. Applicants should visit to register and apply.

Applicants who have completed the LL.M. degree requirements but are not admitted to the J.D. Program will receive the LL.M. degree in August at the end of summer semester.

Note: Applicants who are graduates of the Penn State Law LL.M. program and who have already received their LL.M. degree from Penn State Law must take an LSAT and apply for admission via our regular J.D. program. These students may request advanced standing for credits earned in the LL.M. program by including an addendum in their application that specifically addresses this request. In no case will credits count toward both the LL.M. and the J.D. degree.