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  • Arts, Sports & Entertainment Law Clinic


Does the clinic charge for its services?

No. Services are free. Penn State Law funds the clinic and students receive academic credit for their participation.

How many students work in the clinic? What do they study?

As many as twelve students work in the clinic at any given time. Clinic students are in their second- or third-year at the Law School. Many have studied copyrights, trademarks, agency and partnership, corporate law, taxation, contracts, torts, and other subjects related to the art, sports, and entertainment fields.

Who has the clinic represented in the past?

 The Arts

  • Sculptors, painters, and printmakers 
  • Dancers and dance companies 
  • Theatre companies 
  • Art associations 
  • Collegiate art associations 
  • Museums 
  • Authors and poets 
  • Choreographers 
  • Playrights 
  • Craftsmen and craftsmen's associations


  • Collegiate sports associations 
  • National professional athletic associations


  • Classical, popular, and jazz musicians 
  • Management and booking companies 
  • Recording labels 
  • Screenwriters 
  • Filmmakers 
  • A sound production company 
  • Music promoters and producers 
  • Singers, songwriters, and bands 
  • University and collegiate performing arts groups 
  • Song writers and publishing companies

Where and when does the clinic meet?

The ASE Clinic has offices at Law School facilities located both at the main campus of Penn State University in University Park, Pennsylvania.

The University Park Campus is located in the middle of the state and proximate to Route 322 in Centre County.

The clinic meets weekly during the academic year (from late August to mid-December and mid-January through April). Appointments are available, and appointment hours are flexible and are usually arranged at the mutual convenience of the client and the clinic members.

How do I schedule an appointment?  

The clinic can be reached by telephone at (814) 867-0392. A voice mail system is active twenty-four hours a day, and calls are returned in a timely manner. The clinic can also be reached via e-mail at Usually, an appointment can be scheduled within two weeks.  

What can I expect at my first appointment with the clinic’s staff?

Your first appointment at the clinic will be a confidential educational meeting. This first session consists of identifying the legal matters and other related concerns you may have for which advice is sought. The staff, with the assistance of Professor Scott, will not provide information that is to be relied upon as legal advice. Rather, the staff will provide general information about the law so as to educate you in the area of your concern. The staff will also provide you with any applicable resources so that you can resolve your matter. Should your matter be one that requires more attention than this initial educational session can provide, a formal client-attorney relationship can be established with the clinic at your option. Once an engagement letter is executed, the clinic would provide actual legal assistance.