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  • Arts, Sports & Entertainment Law Clinic

Arts, Sports & Entertainment Law Clinic

The Arts, Sports and Entertainment Law Clinic is an issues-oriented clinic that provides free services to individuals in art, sports, and entertainment fields. Services include providing educational information and, when appropriate, legal representation. The Clinic is an educational resource of the Pennsylvania State University and to the Penn State Athletic Department and Penn State athletes on the subject of Name, Image and Likeness.

The clinic was founded in 1980 to provide students with relevant experiences aligned with their legal interests and a comfortable atmosphere where clients can discuss their concern with law students. Under the supervision of Professor Geoffrey Scott, the clinic has provided clients with information about intellectual property matters (including copyrights, trademarks and right of publicity), taxes, contracts (including, but not limited to recording, music publishing, representation, gallery and sports), licensing, and merchandising endorsement. Among other services, the clinic has helped bands to negotiate recording deals, has provided educational assistance for professional sports associations, and has delivered lectures on a variety of topics.

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